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Beautifully designed exterior doors enhance your home’s architectural style and make a strong and lasting design statement. Despite attempts at replication with engineered plastics and polymers, nothing can compare with the enduring, time-tested beauty of real wood.

The heavy solidity of a quality hardwood door provides an unmatched feel of elegance and sense of long-lasting quality, a timeless appeal that will resonate for generations to come.

Quality hardwoods are the preferred choice for high end, custom door renovations, and a range of beautiful wood options is available.


Direction and Exposure

Two important factors considered during the initial design consultation are the direction and exposure of the entryway. A north to northeast facing door with a 5 to 7 foot overhang provides an ideal location, delivering maintenance-free beauty without need of refinish for a decade or more.


If an entryway faces southwest with a minimal overhang and receives many hours of daylight, however, this position provides challenges to a system in terms of fading and wear, and more frequent refinishing may be required.



It is important to consider elements beyond aesthetics when choosing materials for your exterior doors. All woods should be structurally sound, highly durable, and decay resistant, and must be able to weather seasonal changes with minimal shrinking or swelling.  A hardwood professional can explain the key differences in wood species and the suitability of each type to your locale and climate.



The choice of hardwood for an exterior door system merits careful thought. Tropical woods tend to do well in our northern climate, while North American hardwoods such as oak may not hold stains and finishes at more exposed elevations. The best all-around wood choice for exterior doors is mahogany, a durable, attractive hardwood with a ribbon-like grain. This heavy wood provides stability, long wear, and enduring beauty; it weathers well and integrates seamlessly with many architectural design styles, from the sleek contemporary to the classic traditional.




Yangguang Doors offers a gallery of design options, created to showcase custom, high-end exterior doors that work in harmony with your home design. Architecture should be assessed to determine the style best suited to your home, indicating whether a single or double-entry door system will provide the look and functionality required.


Whether you opt for mahogany, White Oak or another quality hardwood, a design professional can help navigate the forest of choices available and recommend a product best suited to your home’s setting. Hardware components to complement your chosen hardwood will be selected to complete a custom doorway that will lend style and impact to your home for generations to come.



Exterior doors demand stability, durability, style and function. An experienced craftsman can provide guidance in choosing a wood suited to your home’s design and locale, working with you to create an entryway that will be enjoyed for years to come.


With a reputation for providing superb design, top quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction Yangguang Doors is the ultimate one-stop source for custom exterior doors.