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We all bought  the same floor from same shop. Why other peoples home looking better than our own home? Why? Some consumers find that the installation effect is not good, then why the same wooden floor makes this difference? Let's take a look at it with us!


In fact, wood flooring products are more delicate, especially solid wood flooring, which is easily affected by environmental factors, so even if the same wood flooring products, if the environment is different, do not make appropriate adjustments according to the scenes and environment to be laid. Installation, there will be a variety of problems affecting the overall effect, the reasons are as follows:


1. In the same house, the room that is close to the top floor or can be sunny for a long time is exposed to direct sunlight. The temperature inside the house will be quite high, and the relative humidity will be too small, which will affect the wooden floor.


2, the low floor of the general environment is relatively humid, and the high floor due to the high wind speed, the more the water is evaporated, so the ground is relatively dry, which will become one of the reasons affecting the effect of the wooden floor.


3. At the same time, the average moisture content of the shaded room and the sunny room will be different, so these factors should be taken into account during the installation of the wooden floor, and appropriate adjustments should be made during the installation process to reduce the appearance of the pavement. The problem.


As the saying goes, the flooring installation skill is more important than the quality of flooring. It also highlights the importance of installing the wooden floor from the side. So after the wood floor is selected, the corresponding factors should be taken into consideration in the installation to ensure the same wooden floor. Then we can have the same high quality paving experience.